About us

We are a small group of dedicated wildlife enthusiasts who have happened to come together, and who are committed to restoring nature for the benefit of everyone. We are not for profit, and exist only to make spaces for nature through rewilding.

Alasdair Cameron

Director of Somerset Wildlands

Alasdair is an environmental campaigner with many years experience working on international wildlife trade, beaver reintroduction, climate change, conservation, investigations, energy and much else besides. His journey into practical rewilding began when he bought a few small fields in the Somerset Levels with the intention of ‘rewilding’ them – at least as much as is possible in a tiny area. This showed him the value that even small patches of land could have if left for nature, and inspired him to do more. You can read about that project at http://www.godneymarshes.com.

Email me: contact@somersetwildlands.org

Peter Cooper

Ecological advisor

Pete is a Bristol-based wildlife conservationist. Pete now works for the Derek Gow Consultancy, a leading organisation in the reintroduction of British species. Most of his work so far has focused on wildcats, fossorial water voles, glow-worms and harvest mice, the latter of which Pete lead a release of in Godney Marshes in 2019. As a lifelong naturalist and advocate for reintroductions and wilding since childhood, to restore some of the wilder complexity to the land where earlier generations of his family farmed would be a dream come true.


Our Trustees

Natasha Hurley

Natasha works at the Changing Markets Foundation in London where she is currently running a campaign to stamp out the use of wild-caught fish in aquaculture, the world’s fastest-growing food production sector (see Fishing the Feed). She was formerly Climate Campaigner at EIA lobbying for a global phase-out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Prior to that she coordinated a push to ban environmentally unsound carbon offsets from the EU Emissions Trading System for Carbon Market Watch (formerly CDM Watch). She has a lifelong passion for food, people and the great outdoors and is very excited about helping Somerset Wildlands flourish and thrive!  

David Powell

Dave is an economist, campaigner and comms expert. He spent ten years at Friends of the Earth including as Senior Campaigner for Economics and then four years as Head of Environment at the New Economics Foundation.  He’s now a freelance writer, researcher and project manager.  He also produces and co-hosts  one of the UK’s longest-running, and definitely most silly, podcasts about the planet – Sustainababble.  For six years he was on the board of Stamp Out Poverty, which runs the Robin Hood Tax campaign. He’s on the board of a community jazz band, South London Jazz Orchestra.  

Debbie Banks

Debbie Banks leads on Tigers and Wildlife Crime for the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). EIA is an international non-government campaigning organisation, founded in 1984, committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime and advocating for intelligence-led solutions. Debbie has been with EIA since 1996, overseeing and participating in investigations into Asian big cat poaching and trafficking, tiger farming and the role of organised crime in illegal wildlife trade in the trans-Himalayan and Mekong region.

Jake White

Jake is a lawyer and currently Head of Legal at WWF. He has worked in a legal capacity at Friends of the Earth, the European Human Rights Commission, Department for Energy and Climate Change.

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